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Aroma MD Medical Aromatherapy Seminar – Anxiety Disorders: A Holisitic Approach

Do you have patients who suffer from nervous disorders? Who refuse to take anxiolytics? Is your patient’s mental health affecting their physical health? If so, you cannot afford to miss this seminar! The AMD Method is a powerful, effective and easy to learn system. With over 70 protocols, 35 products, and 6 routes of administration, medical aromatherapy is a treatment method sure to enhance your practice.

Learn how Medical Aromatherapy can offer both rapid and long-term treatment of root causes of anxiety and related effects in the body.  For more information or to register by phone call 866.472.7662. Visit to print out seminar flyer.


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Having Trouble Focusing?

Do you ever have times of struggling to focus or keep your attention on something important? As I get older, I notice more issues with my memory and my focus. I have moments of hesitation in trying to remember something that I should readily know. What options do we have as we get older in ways we can improve our memory, our focus and our mind’s health?

I found a product that is drug free, organic and made from essential oils. Aromatherapy is not a new option for medical conditions but Dr Kamyar Hedayat has developed a line of medical aromatherapy products that are improving the lives of people around the world. One of the best products I have used is the organic essential oil, Focus: Memory and Mind. I do not understand how it works, but the results are a greatly improved memory and ability to focus. I bought it online at

Focus – Supports memory, mood and concentration.
Focus: Memory and Mind™ is a holistic approach to memory and mood issues addressing mind, mood and regenerative issues that affect memory. Focus: Memory and Mind™ helps you be your best during the normal aging process or during times of stress at any stage of adult life. Focus: Memory and Mind™ is a synergy of essential oils clinically studied for their support of memory and mood, task performance, neurotransmitter production and antioxidant activity in the brain.

Visit AromaMD today and check out their product line of medical aromatherapy essential oils.

Helping Your Child’s Tummy Ache

Tummy Cuddles

Does your child have tummy aches? Most children have some form of stomach ache, from infant to young child, from colic to teething to indigestion. Finding a product that works without drugs is a challenge but is well worth the benefit. If you are looking for a safe, organic, all natural solution to yourtummy cuddles child’s stomach pains, look no further.

Tummy Cuddles™ is the ultimate tonic for tummy aches. Developed by Dr. Kamyar Hedayat, Tummy Cuddles™ is pediatrician formulated, using clinically proven fennel essential oil and a combination of nature’s gentlest ingredients to support relief from such stomach problems as colic, gas, teething, indigestion and stomach upset. Because Tummy Cuddles™ is dosed in drops and not tablespoons, it is much easier to take and more fun to use.

Why not use a product that is organic, natural and actually works without drugs? No preservatives, alcohol, sugar, sweeteners, artificial flavors or colors are found in Tummy Cuddles™. This product does not contain dairy, eggs, yeast, wheat, gluten or casein. To try Tummy Cuddles™, visit and order online today.

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